Reaching Sunward

Turning Lemons into Lemonade

Sea Change

on November 10, 2006

I’m finding myself giddy with optimism this week as I anticipate the changes for good that will come as the government fundamentally changes.  I also have a deep resurgence of faith in humanity from having seen so many voters turn out to exercise their right to speak.  (Thank You!) We have exhibited a new awakening and mindfulness about how we want our civilization to run, how we want our environment to be protected (goodbye Mr. Pombo), how we want to operate in the world at large, and the values that are important to us.  When they talk about Ms. Pelosi and her San Francisco values, they think they are being insulting.  But San Francisco values mean to me a sense of balance, a caring for others, tolerance and inclusion, an effort toward peace, an emphasis on education.  I have a strong belief that now, Republicans and Democrats will be able to solve problems and work together, each side bringing their considerations to the table and finding win-win solutions.  After all, that is the benefit of Democracy.  Will we see an end to divisiveness? I hope so, and its hard for me to believe, given the recent Blue State/Red State wars that we could ever find our way to the middle again.  But I think we can!  And if we are no longer divided, we have a chance to enable people to live freer, happier lives, and a chance to hold our heads high again on the world stage.  There are many things to be happy about this week, and in the future. What a difference a day makes!


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