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Spring – the Three R’s

on March 7, 2013

When you think of the three R’s, you probably think of reading, writing, and arithmetic.  With Spring coming, I’m thinking of the three R’s as renewal, rejuvenation and resurrection. 

The last few years have been busy. I am justifiably tired, if not completely spent.  I was just about completely spent, but then I lounged for a couple days at the Canyon Ranch Spa with Teri and I started feeling human again… hurrah! 

A couple weeks after The Great Lounge, I got a pink slip from HP.  I  know, that stinks, right?  Actually no, it’s a gift from every single Higher Being that watches over me.  Because, amazingly, I have a nice little severance cushion which coincides with Spring – and I plan to make the most of it.

Tomorrow, to celebrate my last day of work,  I’m having a long lunch with a friend at Evvia.  There will be wine. At lunch.  I’m going back to that spa in a couple weeks, and I have a Grazie membership number. You should get one too.   I’m going to go on little trips to non-exotic places like Seattle to see friends and family.  Things that are normally difficult to fit in, I’m fitting in.

I’m cleaning  few things out and cleaning a few slates. I’m replacing some old things with new things. I’m mixing a little purging with a little organization. It’s not sexy, but it feels good.

After all that, I’m thinking of getting a temp job, because I’m not sure I want my lovely trip to Crete and Amsterdam to be jeopardized by anything permanent.  Permanent seems … too boxed in.  And then – is it possible, just maybe, that I can start my new career as an MFT(I)?  Things to ponder.

During all this, the blooms will be blooming, the baby ducks will be waddling through my condo complex, cute as ever, and the days will be brighter and longer.  And – drumroll – no more socks until next winter! And this is why Spring is my favorite time of year.

So that’s the renewal and rejuvenation plan.  Here’s where the resurrection comes in…

When I hear the phrase “Good Friday” I instantly think of Easter baskets and cute, yellow fuzzy things. I mean, it’s Friday and it’s Easter time, right? Then in the next instant I realize this image is completely wrong and that there is nothing really good about Good Friday except the opportunity to meditate on the Stations of the Cross.  Good Friday is, in part, about betrayal, things working out drastically differently than you had hoped or planned – and much worse, perhaps, than you deserved, the sadness of our Human state, and the surreal finality of death.  We all share in the experience of grief and suffering. Compassion then, becomes our companion if we allow it to.  It’s a heavy day; you’ll need that companion.  And when you’ve been feeling heavy with the cares and burdens you carry, Good Friday is a day to recognize and validate the seriousness of what you’ve gone through.  It’s a good time to tell your story to a caring listener if you can. Get it out there.

After Good Friday there is that long, long day.  I like to think of it as Tonglen Saturday.  It’s a good time to breathe in the dark and breathe out light, or visualize breathing in snow and breathing out flowers, whatever images work for you.  Feeling yucky feelings and loving and accepting them somehow makes them lighter, and lets grace in. And once you can do that, well then, there’s Easter.

Oh joy, Easter is the essence of goodness.  Because obviously, we have peeps and other squishy candy. We have bunnies, chicks, and little girls in yellow and pink and frilly dresses.  Our houses, the literal and the metaphorical, are clean.  Paths have been cleared. Ways have been paved. Hey, put on a new pair of magical slippers and follow your own yellow brick road. It’s a great time to start something new, to start over and to start up your engines.  Out with the old and in with the new. 

Out with the old and in with the new is a two-step kinda thing. First, after you come to some kind of understanding with your past, you agree to part on good terms.  There’s a willingness and ability to let go… and somehow when that willingness is there, some bolt of grace can kick in and take you the rest of the way.  You’re lighter. You cry less. The little dark spot in your heart or your mind eases up. You can breathe again. And you’re there… this is New Life.  And thank goodness for that.  Maybe the best part of Easter is the knowing that we are not doomed, ever. Maybe the best part of Easter is hope.

“We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise, we harden.”  ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


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  1. Su00ed que quieres saber y esa es precisamente la rau00edz de la oscuridad.Los que no quieren saber no perciben las sombras. Yo siento muchas ve Click

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